Online Billing Registration 

Credit Card Processing Fees 

As of January 1, 2020 the City of Salina passed on card processing fees (at actual cost) to customers as approved in the 2020 Comprehensive Fee Schedule by Resolution 19-7727.

Registering Your Account as a New User 

You must complete the following steps the first time you want to view your account information. After registering, you should access your account information by clicking on Log in. 

 As part of the registration you will receive a confirmation e-mail containing a link that must be used to complete the registration process. 
Some e-mail services allow blocking of internet e-mail. Please be sure that your account is set to allow receipt of this confirmation e-mail from System Admin. 

First Time User Directions
Complete the steps below to access your account information:

Step 1 Find the account number on your utility bill.
Step 2 Read the following directions, then click the Access Your Account icon.
Step 3 You will be taken to the City of Salina Utility Billing page, click "New User" from the menu bar on the left. 
Step 4 Register your account by entering an e-mail address, creating a password, entering your name, etc. Click Submit.
Step 5 Open your e-mail account, and follow the registration confirmation link that was sent by System Admin to confirm your account. 
Step 6 You will again be taken to the City of Salina Utility Billing page, click "Log in" from the menu bar on the left. 
Step 7 You will log in using your e-mail address as your user ID and entering the password you created. Click Submit.
Step 8 Once successfully logged in, select "Add Account" from the menu bar on the left. You will see 4 text entry boxes. You will enter your account number in the top 2 boxes, and cycle and route number in the bottom two boxes. Click submit.
Step 9 You will now see several more options available to you on the menu bar to the left, which will allow you access to pay your bill, access billing or consumption history, enroll your account into auto pay, etc. 
NOTE: If you do not see the e-mail in your Inbox, make sure to check your Spam/Junk Mail Folders. The e-mail will come from System Admin.