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6/6/2016 - Ordinance No. 16-10834 Criteria for Reviewing Preliminary Plats



BE IT ORDAINED by the Governing Body of Salina, Kansas:

Section 1.  Amendment.  Section 36-40 of the Salina Code is amended to read as follows:

Sec. 36-40. Preliminary approval.
After the planning commission has reviewed the proposed preliminary plat and considered other testimony presented and exhibits submitted at the public hearing, the planning commission shall approve or conditionally approve the preliminary plat if it finds that all of the following criteria have been satisfied:
1) All preliminary plat application requirements have been satisfied.
2) The proposed preliminary plat conforms with the following codes and regulations:
a. This chapter, subject only to variations or exceptions applied for by the applicant and granted by the planning commission pursuant to Section 36-10;
b. The applicable zoning district regulations; and
c. Any other applicable provisions of the Salina Code.
3) The proposed subdivision is located:
a. Inside or abuts the city limits; and
b. Adjacent to existing development supported by public infrastructure.
4) Adequate public infrastructure exists or can reasonably be constructed to serve the subdivision with:
a. Streets;
b. City water service;
c. City sanitary sewer service; and
d. Emergency warning sirens.
5) Adequate public services exist or can reasonably be extended to serve the subdivision with:
a. Police protection;
b. Fire protection;
c. Parks; and
d. Schools.
6) The proposed subdivision abuts a perimeter street that either meets or will be upgraded as part of the subdivision development process to meet the standards set forth in Sections 36-74 and 36.74.1.
7) The proposed subdivision represents an overall development pattern consistent with the comprehensive plan; major street map; and applicable corridor studies, corridor overlays, and sub-area plans.
8) The proposed plat layout integrates with the existing and proposed street network in the surrounding area; provides connectivity with adjacent subdivisions and schools; and supports walking, bicycling, and transit use.
9) The proposed plat layout provides dedicated public connections between the subdivision and all components of the public park system within the vicinity of the subdivision.
10) For proposed subdivisions that abut arterial streets:
a. The spacing and design of proposed intersection and curb cut locations affecting all abutting arterial streets are consistent with the city’s access management policies, good traffic engineering design, and public safety considerations; and
b. Adequate right-of-way is provided to allow for improvement of all abutting arterial streets to a complete streets design.
11) The proposed subdivision makes adequate provision for storm water runoff control.
12) The developer has made adequate provision for maintenance of any proposed common areas.

A preliminary plat application that does not satisfy all of the criteria outlined above shall be denied.  In the case of a denial, the planning commission shall identify for the applicant in writing the criteria deemed unsatisfied.

Section 2.  Repealer.  Existing Salina Code Section 36-40 is repealed.

Section 3.  Effective.  This ordinance shall be in full force and effect from and after its adoption and publication once in the official city newspaper by the following summary:

Ordinance No. 16-10834 Summary

On June 6, 2016, the City Commission passed Ordinance No. 16-10834.  The Ordinance establishes review criteria for the approval or disapproval of preliminary plats by the Salina Planning Commission.  A complete copy of the Ordinance can be found at or in the office of the City Clerk, 300 W. Ash, free of charge.  This summary is certified by the City’s legal counsel.
       Introduced: May 23, 2016
       Passed:  June 6, 2016

Kaye J. Crawford, Mayor


Shandi Wicks, CMC, City Clerk

Certification of Publication Summary:

Greg Bengtson, Legal Counsel