News Releases

10/12/2018 - Lakewood Park Lake Reopens

The current water test conducted this week with the Kansas Department of Health and Environment has confirmed that the Blue Green Algae at Lakewood Park Lake has subsided to allowable levels.

The reduction in algae count is due to the recent drop in temperatures and inflow of fresh water. All activity is now allowed since the temporary closure this summer. The lake will be posted as a Watch and information about the Blue Green Algae and its dangers will remain.

Kansas Department of Wildlife Parks and Tourism will start their Trout season throughout the state which includes Lakewood Park Lake as a location to receive Trout on a monthly basis. The Trout will be delivered just prior to opening day to help the fish get adjusted to the new environment. A Trout stamp is required and a strict creel limit of five Trout per day per person is in effect.

Please follow all precautions for contact with the water and preparing fish before consumption.

For more information about Lakewood Park Lake, contact Rick Martin at (785) 826-7335.